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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Math Book Linky

Well, I headed over to Amanda's page at One Teacher's Take and was reading about her knee surgery as well as some math book recommendations when I saw a blog hop.  I quickly jumped on the bandwagon (I am still new to this blog hopping thing) and then I realized the blog hop was for writing about your favorite math book:

This is a linky party from Diana at the Math Coach's Corner.  Anyway, when I started thinking about it, I could not pinpoint one math book that was the best I ever read.  I absolutely LOVE math and taught 6th grade math (we were departmentalized) for 8 years before going to 4th grade.  I always loved math in school and I share that passion with my students using various resources pulled from everywhere.  Since I couldn't think of one particular "book" that blew my mind, I started thinking about resources I love to use.  One resource that always stood out was Hands-On-Equations.  

No, that is not me in the picture.  It is the creator of Hands-On-Equations, Dr. Borenson.  Here is a nice blog link to a description of the program:

I used this with my 6th graders when learning how to solve equations and it was amazing!!  They really got a grasp of what solving equations means and it was wonderful for the students who thrived when using manipulatives.  With the way the curriculum is headed, I am sure 4th graders will be solving multi-step equations too.  Actually, some of the test samplers for next year could be solved with a two-step equation and students are expected to use variables.  Bring it on!  


  1. I'm a fourth grade teacher and new blogger, so I was so excited to find your blog! I love your layout and the whole "flipping" concept. I will continue to follow you for some great ideas! : )

    - Sarah

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