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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tried It Tuesday {Business Cards}

Yesterday I enjoyed my first Monday on summer vacation!! That first Monday is probably the best morning of vacation. I leisurely made it out of bed around 7:00 (the kids make it impossible to sleep much later but it is still "sleeping in"). I enjoyed my coffee, took my daughter to swimming lessons at 10:00, then took the kids with me to kickboxing class. They had about five other kids to play with while I worked out...that's a win-win! I am looking forward to getting so much done this summer and relaxing too. :)

It's Time for Tried It Tuesday! 
What have you tried at school or home?
If you've never linked up with Tried It Tuesday, just link up any idea school or home related and what worked or didn't work. Simple! 
This Tried It Tuesday will be open for the whole month of July. Link up anytime!
My Tried It:
Business Cards
You may have heard about the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers conference being held in Las Vegas on July 11th!! I decided a couple months ago that I couldn't pass up the chance to meet other bloggers and  fellow teachers! I am SO excited to meet everyone and learn from some amazing educators!! :)

For the occasion, many of my BBB's are ordering business cards for their blog/TpT stores and I tried making some too. I am not a designer (at all!) but I had some help from my BBB's (especially Diane from Fifth in the Middle...Thanks Diane!).
This is how the business cards turned out:

I used Power Point to make them with help from my BBB's again.
Change the "page setup" to 30" x 17.5" for the business cards.

I ordered the cards using Vista Print.
 I chose "Use your complete design"
Choose file to upload your design
I chose "Crop this image" and selected "scale to fit" to ensure the entire image is displayed.

I used QR Code Generator for the QR codes.

Do you have something you could use business cards for? Vista print was so easy to use and I will let you know what I think of the quality when I receive them. They were $25 for 500 cards I think. It was $5 less for 250, so I just ordered 500 (not sure what I'll ever do with that many but it seemed like a good deal when I was ordering in crunch time!).

I am so excited to meet up with fellow bloggers at this blogger meet up hosted by Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools and Courtney from Ramona Recommends! Thank you so much for organizing this ladies! :)
Also, the amazing Christy from Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road is celebrating 1,000 followers! Check out this awesome giveaway!


  1. Oooh! I LOVE your business cards! They are fantastic!


  2. Love... Thanks for the tutorial... This is my next project... Starting NOW!!!

  3. You are welcome ;) Can wait to see you next week!

  4. Love your business cards Holly. Have a great time in Vegas!!!
    I need to think of something to try - thanks for giving me the whole month : )

  5. You're business card turned out fantastic!! Thanks for sharing how you made them! I super jealous about everyone who's going to Vegas! I have some serious fomo!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial on creating business cards!!! I'll see you next week, can't wait!

  7. Thanks for the dimensions Holly. I tried doing this on Vistaprint and my cards looked blurry and horrible, because I actually made my ppt slide to match the card dimensions. I didn't realize at the time that the solution was to make everything bigger! I love your card, it's so colorful!