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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tried It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I am leaving the link-up open from last week if you would like to link-up any idea your have tried. I am loving trying math workshop and math meeting in my classroom and will be sharing more about that soon. I have a new website that I have tried that I will share with you next week. I just ran out of time to write up a post since we have had sickness running rampant in my house this past weekend and yesterday. Hope you have a great week!
It's Time for Tried It Tuesday! 
What have you tried at school or home?
If you've never linked up with Tried It Tuesday, just link up any idea school or home related and what worked or didn't work. Simple! 
My Tried It:
Organizing Nooks 
 Last year my system for organizing my book nooks was too much work on my part. I kept track of who had each nook each week and changed out my board. 
Last year:
This year, I decided to try a much simpler system and it is working beautifully so far!
I have four book nooks (blue butterfly chair, purple fuzzy floor pillow, and two blue husbands. Here are a couple pictures from my classroom last year (I forgot to take a picture yesterday).

I teach three blocks of math this year and instead of using the book nooks for reading, we now use this area for our math meeting everyday and students can sit here during math workshop rotations.
I use the same numbers for all three classes and just mark an A, B, or C on their book bins for math depending on what block they are in.
Here is a picture of my math bins for all three classes.
On Monday of each week, I draw four numbers and those students get to choose a nook to use for the week. There is a student in each class with that number, so the same numbers apply for all three classes. If there isn't a student with that number, then that class just has three students with nooks for the week. This week there is no #18 in block 2 since there are only 17 students in that section. I write the numbers on the board on Monday so everyone can see what numbers I drew in block one.
 I made these dual colored sticks three years ago and use them all the time. There are only two sticks left with the green side up. That means only two students have not had a nook yet this year and their sticks will be drawn next week. Then, all the sticks will go back to the green end.
How do I keep track of which nooks students have chosen? The blue chair is the most popular and it wouldn't be fair for students to get that nook two times in a row. I'm not keeping track this year! I have students record the date and nook or choice on the back inside cover of their math journals. When their name is drawn next time, they will have to choose a different nook until they have used all four! I am really loving this different system. Less busy work for me. :)

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  1. Can I just tell you that I never knew those pillows were called "husbands". :) Learn something new everyday!