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Sunday, July 26, 2015

B2S Teacher Faves Linky!

I don't know if I'm quite ready to think about B2S yet! So much to do still and but trying to just enjoy the time off with my family and be productive too. :) I am linking up today for a fun Back to School linky party that will last four weeks with a new topic each week! Thank you to the wonderful blogging friends at Fancy Free in 4thRamona Recommends, and Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher for hosting!

I LOVE my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider! I originally bought it for scrapbooking but nothing compares in value for double sided tape. You really get your money's worth on the refills. I make cards for math centers using this tape glider when students will flips cards over for a game and shouldn't be able to see right through the card. Like this set of cards from my pizza line plot game:
I usually make at least two sets of cards for my centers, each with a different colored back to keep them separate for more than one group to play at a time.

To easily get a colored back on the cards, I run a tape runner on the back of the cards paper before cutting them out.  I place the paper on a colored piece of paper and then cut out the squares before laminating. It is tedious but is the best way I have found to make them sturdy and last. No taping the  laminated edges that come apart with plain scotch tape!
I've tried many pens over the years and I always come back to my favorite, the Uniball Roller Ball Pens in assorted colors! They write so smooth, no bleeding, and no white streaks ever. I love the colors too (purple is my favorite!).
Having chocolate in what I tell my students is "my secret stash" is a must for me everyday! This is a favorite chocolate of mine that won't break the bank and is just the right size to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I know this seems like a no-brainer but I don't know what I would do with Elmer's Glue! No glue sticks, please! With all the gluing my students do for their interactive notebooks, glue sticks do not work well. There is just usually a learning curve in the beginning of the year about how to apply the glue. As my friend Erin from Lovin Lit says, "Never Toaster Strudel!"
Finally, nothing else compares to the standard composition notebook in my experience for interactive notebooks. Our team specifically writes this on the school supply list but some students still come with spiral notebooks. I keep extra composition notebooks on hand to give those students. Spiral notebooks don't fit as well in our book boxes, the spiral gets stuck on the cardboard edge of the book boxes, students play with the spiral, they try to rip out pages to use elsewhere since it is more the size of a normal piece of paper, etc. 

What are your B2S must haves? Check out the linky below to see some other ideas Back to School! Check back next week for another topic for this Back to School linky party!


  1. Yay! Holly, I love your post. So many of the things you love, I love too. I NEED one of those Scotch glidders. I have not seen that before...
    Thanks for linking up!
    Hi! Your Teacher Fave post isn't live. Do you need help with your post or do you want me to delete it?

  2. I may have a composition book problem. Last year I found them on clearance at Target for 5 cents. I bought 300 of them!

    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  3. I need one of those tape gliders! As I've "hopped" around blogs I see that teachers are addicted to pens! Thanks for sharing your ideas.