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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions and 300 Follower Giveaway Soon!!

Wow!!  I can't believe that I have 300 followers!  My little blog actually has people reading it!!  I have gained so much knowledge, support, and friendship from all the bloggers I follow.  Thank you everyone!  To celebrate, read about a giveaway I am planning at the end of this post:)

Speaking of celebrating, I am linking up with Jen at the Teacher's Cauldron for a couple New Year's Resolutions.  Maybe writing them out will hold me more accountable:)
Blogging Resolution
On the top of my list is to host a linky party but I always am afraid no one will link up!  Also, I need to do more professional reading and would like to share more about books on my blog...maybe even join a blog book talk or something.  I know it sounds like a no-brainer but before I read "Daily 5", "Cafe", "Notebook Know-How: Strategies for the Writer's Notebook", and "The Book Whisperer" this summer (all due to inspiration from the blogging world), I cannot remember the last time I read a professional book on my own accord without someone pushing it on me.  Isn't that awful?  That is why I love blogging.  It has helped me realize that the sky is the limit in how much I can continue to grow professionally.  The next book on my reading list is "Student Centered Mathematics".

Personal Resolution
My personal resolution would be to not take things so personally.  I am a worrier and if something goes wrong, I tend to dwell on it and take it personal.  If I force myself to stop, think, and pray about the situation, it is easier for me to see the big picture.  I am a pleaser by nature and this is often difficult to juggle in everyday life because it is impossible to please everyone.  I need to learn how to say "no" and not sweat the small stuff:)

To celebrate another hundred milestone, I would like to host a giveaway in about a week.  One item I would like to giveaway is a copy of the book, "Student Centered Mathematics" at the winner's choice of grade level.  It is about $37 on amazon, so that would be a great prize:)  
I am hoping many of my blogging friends would be interested in helping out with this giveaway too!!  If you are interested in helping out, please leave a comment or send me an email at lillycharlie2915@gmail.com.  Make sure I can reply back to you and it is not "noreplyblogger".  Thanks!  Cheers to a New Year!!


  1. I'd love to help you out with your giveaway!! My email is fsuteach81@yahoo.com :) Congratulations!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Congrats on 300! I just got there too. I would love to help out.

    ilovemyclassroom @ ymail.com

  3. Congratulations on 300 followers!! I would love to contribute to your giveaway also! Isn't amazing what blogging has helped us discover? I've read so many great books about instruction that I would have never read or known about before. The student centered math book looks very interesting. I will need to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to help out with your giveaway! You can email me at amandamadden@me.com :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  5. I would also love to help out with your giveaway. I love your idea of reading a professional book and blogging ideas learned from it. I should try that also!

    My email is j_findley2003@yahoo.com
    Teaching to Inspire in 5th

  6. I would be thrilled to help with your giveaway! Congrats on 300!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  7. Great blog! Happy New Year- good luck with your resolutions. I am your newest follower!
    Keeping Up With First Grade

  8. Thanks for stopping by and showing some blog love and thanks for the heads-up with my TN button on my give away!! I would love to help out with your 300 follower giveaway!! I am honored that you asked!! crystalj40@yahoo.com
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  9. Don't have a TPT store(yet) but I am a follower.