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Saturday, January 19, 2013

iPad Help!!

Help!!  I recently received ONE iPad from our tech budget to use in my classroom!  Yay!!  You can imagine my excitement in getting one iPad to use with my class:)

However, the number of apps available is overwhelming me.  I started with four math apps and one ELA app for the students to take turns using on a rotating schedule during math center, math AIS (academic interventions services), and Daily 5 centers (I use more like a Daily 4).  The apps I downloaded so far are:

The students that have had the chance to use it this week really have loved it but I am not sure what apps I should really be using.  Please...does anyone have some good recommendations for fourth grade apps?  It would save me some legwork if I can hear from real teachers what has worked in their classrooms:)  

Also, I have been nutty about letting students use the iPad anywhere in the room except for a table where the iPad can be propped on this cover set up that came with it.  I told the students that they cannot carry it around the room.  You see, I also have responders in my room and it never fails that someone drops the responders when they use them.  This could be deadly for the iPad.  Am I being too paranoid?

Any help or advice you can take a moment to offer is greatly appreciated.  Thank you:)

Update:  Thank you for the comments so far!  I can't wait to check some of these out!!  The iPad I have has the otter box on it (thank you to Shasta Looper for your comment reminding me what that thingy is called) and my tech guy didn't say anything about the iPad being replaced if it is damaged in the otter box.  I guess I am paranoid they will take it away if I can't take care of it.  Also, the apps don't have to be free.  I am not sure how much I could spend but right now I only have 5 apps and am allowed to send some requisitions to the tech dept.


  1. Do they have to be free apps?

    Does it have a protective case? My toddler has dropped my iPad MANY times (with a Speck case on it), and it's fine. However, it doesn't have that far to fall with her, and it hasn't fallen on a hard surface. Cases also make them less slippery. So if it doesn't have a case, I would invest in one.

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I have iPads in my class, and no you are not being paranoid. My kids have Otterboxes on theirs, but they still drop it. If the iPad is damaged while in an Otterbox, the company will replace it. Worth the price. As far as apps, I use Popplet Lite for students to create graphic organizers. Screen Chomp is their favorite app - screencasting that records voice and writing to prove what they know. My favorite app right now is Book Creator - create your own ebooks and add to your ibooks shelf. We also use Story Robe for podcasting with photographs. Good luck!

  3. I have one iPad like you and we use it a LOT! Recently I found Bluster, which was good for literacy skills. We also use Stack the States and Sparkle Fish (another literacy based app). Mine has a pretty sturdy case so I am not worried about them carrying it around. No one has dropped it since the school year began. I have a splitter for headphones so more than one student can use it at a time. Good luck!
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  4. I don't have an iPad, nor have I used one in my class. however an app I have on my iPhone that you can use for your kids is Class Dojo. It's a classroom management deal. By far the best thing that's happened to me! It does all the tracking and generates reports for you :)

  5. I have my own personal iPad and I hate to admit I have no idea good apps to use in the classroom. I don't have an iPad for my classroom. :O( It sounds like fun though.

    Here is Nikki's blog that I follow that was having an app linky if you want to check out what she posted about and what others linked up (http://techsentfrommyipad.blogspot.com/2013/01/monday-must-have-apps.html). Maybe it will be helpful? And I've pinned several things on Pinterest that I've seen like must have apps for one iPad in the classroom. If you go to my blog, hit Amanda's pinterest button, and I have it on my Classroom-technology board. I'll try to put the link in here too. :O) http://pinterest.com/amandajoy78/classroom-technology/

    Sorry, I'm not much help. :O)
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  6. I am piloting a 1:1 iPad initiative in my classroom this year. Each of my students have their own to use all day at school but not take home. We used screen chomp as a previous poster mentioned, but the app seemed to freeze a lot and wouldn't upload "chomps" that we longer then a minute or so. There is an app that is similar to screen chomp called educreations, so if screen chomp gives you issues you may want to try that one. Some other apps you may want to try are Stack the States, Stack the Countries, Presidents vs. Aliens, Math Blaster, Tools4Students is great but not a game type app. It hard with just one iPad.

  7. I've been putting together a list of task cards to use with various free (some paid) apps. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful: http://mooreti.edublogs.org/apptivity-task-cards/

  8. I can understand the apprehension that something as complex and as fragile as an iPad can bring. At least you take precautions and that you are not taking safety for granted. Don't sweat it out too much, though. Not to say that you shouldn't watch out, or anything, but remedies and treatments are always within your reach, should the worst hit.

    Erik Barker @ Cell Phone Repair