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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Magical Product Swap (Math Review Game)!!!

I am so fortunate to be linking up with Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's Class 
for her Magical Product Swap!!  
I was matched with a fellow NY blogger, Rachael from the Classroom Game Nook!

You can imagine my absolute GLEE when I saw her TPT store...WOWZERS!!
She has 145 products in her store...
and is #5 for the all-time top sellers in NY!!! (YES, I said #5!!!)

So, looking through her amazing store, I thought, "How am I going to choose one product?"
In the end, state test review won since our state math test is next week.  I had Rachael send me the Math Operations Review Game Word Problems and Algorithms.
I printed, cut-out, and laminated the game board, directions, answer key, and three sets of cards for the game ("write and solve", "read and solve", and ?).
I love the fun game board that comes with this game!
When my students saw it, they said, "Ohh!! This looks like FUN!"
It comes in two pieces and I taped it into a file folder to connect the board.
Here are some pictures of my students playing the game.  
One player works out the problem as they land on a space to draw a "Write and Solve, Read and Solve, or ?" card while their partner uses the answer key to check their work.  If they get the correct answer, the students gets another turn.  They love that!

This is Rachael's description on her TPT site:
This math board game allows students to practice determining the correct math operation to use when solving word problems and traditional algorithm. There are three different stacks of cards that go with the game. Depending on where the student lands on the board, they will pick up a "Read and Solve" card to read a word problem and decide which operation to use a "Write and Solve" where students solve the problem given, or a "?" card where anything goes! There are a total of 72 game cards. This game is perfect to help students prepare for state tests or to have them use after teaching all four math operations (+, -. x, /).

I loved how there was a combination of word problems and traditional algorithm questions.  This worked particularly well with my math intervention students.  Some questions were definitely easy for them and made them feel so confident.  It was a great review of many different concepts and was just what I was looking for!!
Stop by Rachael's amazing blog, Classroom Game Nook for a peek into so many resources and ideas for use in your classroom (I love the Game Theme!).


  1. Thanks for the great review! It was great to link up with you this time around!!!! Hope this math game help your students out with the math test next week!


  2. I love her blog! She always has great game ideas and some of the best stuff in her TpT store!! This looks so fun!! I will have to check it out!!

    :O) Amanda
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. Hello fellow NY blogger! I just stumbled across your site as part of the Magical Product Swap. Great stuff!!!

    Your newest follower...