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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pin It to Win It Book Bin Label Winners:)

I know I said I would post the winners of my Pin It To Win It for the Owl Book Bin Labels today!  Well, technically it IS still Sunday:)  So sorry for the delay!  We had a super busy weekend of camping, fair, cheerleading performance, and kickboxing show.  The new iPhone is great for doing small things but not so much for writing posts.  
Since I am posting late, I hope it is a consolation to know that I chose NOT one winner, NOT two winners, NOT three winners, but FOUR Winners:)  I said I would choose at least one winner for the owl set and another one would win a custom theme designed for them.  Well, the random number generator came up with these three numbers first and all of the commenters wanted the owl set!

So, on the third try, I came up with a number for a custom theme request!
Congratulations to Carly, Kim, Jessica, and Lauren!!  
UPDATE: Carly and Kim-please email me so I can get your email address.  You are no reply bloggers and I cannot find your emails! Thanks:)
Be sure to check back this week to see another way you could win these labels (or a custom look) for your book bins! :)
Happy Sunday night everyone! 

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