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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tried It Tuesday {Norwex}

As I started writing this post on Monday night, I realized that my post from the last day of the giveaway was still in "draft" form and never published!  Oops! Here is part of what I wanted to say on Sunday! :)
 Congratulations to Gabrielle F.!! 
She won Sunday's Rafflecopter of products!
Congratulations to Christina and Elizabeth.!! 
Christina won a $50 Amazon Gift Card and Elizabeth won a Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener!

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Now, it's time for another Tried It Tuesday! :)
My Tried It:
Have you heard of Norwex?  It is a company that began in Norway and primarily sells products to clean your home.  Their mission is to "improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning".
Let me just say that Norwex did NOT contact me to review their product, I don't sell Norwex, and they certainly don't know that I am writing about their product.  I just really LOVE the few things that I bought and was skeptical at first how well I could really clean areas of my house using water and a cloth.  Teachers are busy professionals who work many hours inside and outside of school, and that leaves less time for things like cleaning!  We are multi-taskers and, I don't know about you, but I struggle to keep up with the day-to-day responsibilities of my job and household.  I keep saying that I should hire a cleaner every other week and I still might do that...

Anyway, I recently attended two Norwex parties.  They have consultants who sell their products.  What intrigued me the most were these microfiber cloths that are used to clean just about anything using only the cloth and water!  I was like, "What?"  When wet, the cloths are self purifying and sanitize your surfaces!  I don't really know too much of the science behind it, but there are these silver particles that make the cloths self purifying.  You hang them to dry after rinsing and they self purify, ready to clean again next time!  These cloths are super.  I cleaned all the bathroom fixtures like the toilet paper holder and towel racks (shiny nickel) with this cloth and all that sticky grime from hairspray build up literally came right off!  My fixtures have little grooves in them and I always struggle with cleaning those areas and this cloth just lifted off that build up so easily.  What a time saver!
Here is a link to an online catalog.
My absolute favorite purchase was the "purple window cloth".  I could not even believe my eyes when I used it!  Cleaning windows has always been frustrating for me because I had never found a way to clean them without leaving a little lint or streaks behind, no matter what I used (paper towels, newspaper, coffee filters, various brands of window cleaner...).  When I got this window cloth last month, I went around and cleaned the insides of most of the windows in my house and all the mirrors.  All I had to do was spray WATER on the glass surface and wipe it with this cloth.  Voila!  The glass was clean with NO lint and NO streaks!  Amazing!
I purchased these dryer balls too.  I never really thought before about the build up that dryer sheets can cause in your dryer.  This is a great solution and they work just as great, if not better, at reducing static.
Here is a little more about Norwex from their website if you are interested:
Our Global Challenge
We realized early on that household pollutants negatively impact our health and our environment. Most of the chemicals in cleaning and personal care products that people are exposed to every day have never been assessed for their impact on human health. Indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest ranking environmental health problems in America with chemical levels up to 70 times higher than outside. Research and information on the health effects of manufactured chemicals has not kept pace with their development and use.
  • In the last 50 years, the global production and use of manufactured chemicals has increased substantially. More than 80,000 new chemicals have been created.
  • Indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest-ranking environmental health problems in America.
  • Evidence shows homes have chemical levels up to 70 times higher than outside.
  • Most of the chemicals that people are exposed to every day have never been assessed for their impact on human health.
  • Parabens utilized in personal care for decades have been shown to have potential harmful effects.
What we do know is the harm chemicals have on humans is extensive. Most concerning are the growing links to chemicals that surround us in everyday life. They are linked to serious diseases such as birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities. Many today believe the extensive use of chemicals indoors contributes to many of our ‘modern’ diseases such as allergies and asthma.
Our mission at Norwex is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. In addition, the Norwex products make cleaning faster and more cost effective than traditional cleaning products.

Beautiful Globe (Earth) resting on a vibrant green leafThe Norwex Solution

  • With Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch or ingest chemicals – you simply create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.
  • Norwex Marine Organics and Naturally Timeless personal care products offer cutting-edge technology coupled with organic and natural ingredients – without harmful parabens or preservatives.
  • SAVE Time – the Norwex Cleaning System decreases cleaning time by 75% or more.
  • SAVE Money - An average household spends $600-$800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies. By using Norwex products you can realize up to a 90% savings!
  • Norwex helps make cleaning fun, fast and easy and teaches your family how to improve their health and environment!
At Norwex, our Purpose is simple but powerful: The idea that working together, with trust, integrity and honesty as our core values and radically reducing chemicals in our homes as our mission, we can improve the world around us. The Norwex Purpose touches many facets of life with the end result being the ability to collectively make a powerful and positive difference in the world we live in and the lives we touch.

So, if you are invited to a "Norwex" party, I recommend just going to see what it is all about.  From one busy teacher to another, you'll be happy you checked it out!  They have the products on hand and do demonstrations in the host's house.  I am having an "Open House" style party this Saturday (I don't do parties very often!) but the consultant said to leave areas dirty for demonstration.  No problem! Haha!  If you are interested in ordering something and want to go through my consultant, just shoot me an email at lillycharlie2915@gmail.com.  If you have a favorite product from Norwex, let me know what it is!  I am curious about what else they offer and how it works!


  1. My sister got me hooked on Norwex- my hubby and I have a few of the cloths and those dryer balls and love all of them! They are definitely a worthwhile company to check out!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  2. I have never ever in my life heard of Norwex. I'm definitely going to check them out. I have a cleaner guy...don't judge...lol (I'm allergic to EVERYTHING!). He uses all natural cleaning supplies. I will have to show him this. I do have to do my own laundry though...so I'm going to check out those dryer balls. XOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I'm going now to check out the window cloth. I HATE to do windows, but this looks like it would be a little more fun..haha!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  4. I have heard about this but have not been to a party. My very fussy BFF loves her cleaning cloth. Have you tried any of the personal products?

  5. One of my former college roommates is a Norwex consultant. She started selling the products because her husband is very sensitive to cleaning products and developed really bad allergies. She says things are so much better for her husband now since she started using the products in her home. I have never tried the window cloth, but I think that might be my next purchase because dirty, streaky windows drive me crazy, too!

  6. I'm like Alison and haven't heard of Norwex. Definitely want to check it out!
    :) Erin

  7. I have never hear of Norwex, but their products sound wonderful. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  8. I was introduced to Norwex about 4 years ago and haven't gone back! I received over $400 in free products by hosting a party which was the consultants best party to that date. The mop is my absolute favorite, then the basic household package (cloth, window, and dust mitt). I am becoming a consultant this week because I love the products so much, am anxious to try more!