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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Think Breakfast...Food for Your Mind is the Way to Start!

Have you ever heard of the Think Breakfast program?

This is the third year my school has used it in New York and I noticed that now on their website it states:
"Because of the overwhelming response to this year’s program, we have made the entire program available online. Included here for download:
Teacher Program Guide, Progress Chart, three Classroom Posters, Parent Letter, and a Certificate of Completion.
To print out the PDF of any of the following images, double-click on it to open the PDF. Then right-click on the PDF, select the print option to open up the print dialog box and select your preferences to print. That’s all there is to it!"
Go to this link for materials!  Our students really enjoyed this program and the activities are fun but do not take a lot of time.  It is a good filler.  This is the cover of the activity booklet:

 The website has a TON of information and activities:

There is also an interactive story for the students:

If you teach in New York and receive the free packet of materials, they usually arrive in the spring.  However, you can download the activity booklet and other materials now here!  

We always save the materials for the following fall.  We just finished our three week unit (small mini lessons...doesn't take much time!).  To celebrate the end of the three weeks, parent volunteers came in and cooked breakfast for the entire 4th grade!  We had families donate one item and our menu consisted of pancakes, grapes, bananas, juice, and milk.  Easy, fun activity to get the parents involved.  Here is a picture of the students in line getting their breakfast:)

The students also LOVE this Think Breakfast theme song on Youtube 
even though it is a little old school:)  I want to dance to it too!

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