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Saturday, December 1, 2012

APPR with Danielson, Lovely Wreath, and Shout-out:)

This was my evaluation week and let's just say, I am SO OVERJOYED that the first round is over!  Is anyone else using the Danielson Framework for teacher evaluations (APPR)?  This is our first year and to say that everyone is stressed out is an understatement.

We had to get 12 artifacts ready for each of the components in domains one and four.  They couldn't be "just any" artifacts that fit in that domain.  They had to be one of the three "recommended artifacts".  Between the artifacts, the pre-conference expectations, the 23-page evaluation that we will receive from our administrator, the state growth score, (determined by state test scores), the local growth score (which has yet to be finalized), I have been quite the mess.  To top it off, some of the artifacts are vague as to what is expected and we have already been told that no one will get a perfect score on their evaluation.

In the past, our evaluations have been a "S-Satisfactory" or "N-Needs Improvement" for each category.  Just about everyone got an "S" for everything.  I know that there is always room for improvement, but I guess the idea of not getting a glowing evaluation is scary.  Also, it is very difficult to get a four on all the components on the Danielson rubric but since each district negotiates their own points system, our system states that you get 2 points if you are a three or four on the rubric.  That shouldn't be too difficult, right?  However, if just one of the bullets under a component falls in the two range on the rubric, you get a score of 0.  So, since no one will get a perfect score, our administrator will be searching for a place to give a score of 0 on at least one component.  Dislike!

Anyway, to make me feel somewhat more organized, I created domain and component dividers for my artifacts binder.  You can see them here at my TPT store.

I was observed for 85 minutes and my administrator attempted to write down everything I said.  During my writing conferences with Daily 4 (I just use 4 of the Daily 5 components), I was followed around the room and she had to lean in quite close to me because I sit right next to the student and talk softly.  There are not many teachers implementing Daily 5 at my school and it will be interesting to hear what my admin thinks of it.  At least this evaluation is over and next we will have a walkthrough sometime in the spring.  I won't know when it is coming, so it might be less painful!

I decorated the house for Christmas last weekend and with all the stress this week brought, the decorations gave me a sense of peace and Christmas spirit each evening.  We renovated our fireplace last spring:

Well, I was bound and determined to get a wreath on that fireplace even though my hubby was skeptical.  This is how the wreath looked before I spruced it up (36" Martha Stewart, Home Depot).

Matching garland also from Home Depot:

 Ta-Da!  Here is the wreath and garland all spruced up with extra ornaments, glitter curly things, pine cones, and holly berries:)  Love!

So, if you are feeling the crunch of all the APPR mumbo jumbo, try to remember to stop and think about what is most important this Christmas season.  I know that I have too many blessings to count!

The first three people to comment that you are using the Danielson Framework can have my APPR binder dividers for free!  Leave your email address:)

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  1. Hi Holly!
    we're also using Danielson, but it is definitely not as extensive as what you described! I'm happy that it's over for you :)


    ps: I love the wreath over the fireplace! It looks so beautiful :)

  2. I forgot my email--msob123@gmail.com

    it's been one of those days!!

  3. Thanks for help us get more prepared! I definitely need help organizing all of this Danielson information.

  4. I too have the Danielson model. This will be year two for me. Here is my email
    I took a class on this model of evaluation.
    Good luck...love your blog

  5. I love your wreath--before and after, but especially after!! You are quite creative, even in your stressed state!! We are also feeling your pain and appreciate your efforts to help us stay organized using the Danielson Model. Thanks again for the beautiful start of my Christmas season.

  6. All I can say is...Bless Your Heart!! We are using the Danielson Model, but we do not have to do anything like this. We may submit evidence if we feel we need to but are not required to do so. We are observed for 45 minutes to an hour and must have 2 walkthroughs during the year.