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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday Made It, Literacy Centers, APPR binder:)

I am linking up with my blogging idol, Tara, from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday-Made It!

I am absolutely loving all the products I have recently bought or got as freebies on TPT!  Cyber Monday Sale, I love you!  Finding time to sort, print, and laminate has been a challenge but I cannot wait to use so many items.

One item I bought, printed, and laminated are the Folktales Sorting Cards from TPT here.  I am going to use these for a literacy station to practice the subgenres of folktales (legends, fairytales, fables, and tall tales).  The cards also included Porquoi and Trickster Tales.

I made this worksheet to go with the folktales sorting card station.  You can get it here on google docs.  This is my first time linking a google doc, so please let me know if it doesn't work!

One of my favorite sellers on TPT is Rachel Lynette!  I purchased this Folktales: Fairytales, Fables, Tall Tales, Legends, and Myths pack and it really streamlined my materials.

I also love the December Literacy Centers for Big Kids that I purchased from the amazing Miss Klohn (Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher).  Here is the Fact and Opinion Sort laminating (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this laminator?!?).

Here is the "Snowmen Sentences Fix-Up" laminated and cut from the same package.  Love it!

I also love all these literacy centers for grammar work from the TPT's Winter Holiday EBook!
"Santa's Prickly Punctuation Problem" is FREE From the Dragons Den and can be found here at TPT.  I laminated the answer keys for a literacy center and love that there is extra practice on commas, quotation marks, and a friendly letter. There is a little for everyone in this 28 page packet with pages for 1st to 5th grade!

 This is the "Great Gift Mix Up" laminated for a FREE math center from Lindsay Perro.

These are a great FREE math center on "Snowman Word Problems" from Time for Teaching.

After posting my APPR binder dividers for the Danielson Model of Teacher Evaluation here on TPT, I received a request to create APPR binder dividers for the standards and elements of the TED (Teacher Evaluation Development) model.  

Here are the Danielson Model binder dividers for each domain and component at TPT:

Here are the APPR binder dividers for the standards and elements of the TED (Teacher Evaluation Development) model on TPT:

Finally, for my home Made-It, I have the wreath that I spruced up for my new fireplace:)  I have never, ever modified a wreath before and I really like how it turned out.  I don't consider myself very crafty (the curtains in my classroom were made with a hot-glue gun and my teacher stool was made using scrapbook paper!), so when I can buy things and make it into something somewhat crafty, I am feeling pretty good!  hehe!  

Wreath before sprucing up:

Wreath after sprucing up:

My hubby figured out how to hang this 36" wreath on the fireplace using a hook in the ceiling.  It is barely noticeable and is tied to fishing line.  I have heard of people doing this before but never actually tried it.  Genius!  Can you see the hook in the ceiling here?

Two more weeks to go and so much to get done!  It always seems to get done somehow though, right? Have a wonderful week everyone:)

If you haven't heard of this new blog, Collaboration Cuties, you have to check it out.  They have an awesome, well-established TPT store and just started this blog!  This weekend only they are giving away a product from their store ($5 and under) to anyone who comments:)


  1. Hey Holly! Thanks for the sweetness and thanks bunches for linking up:)) There are a ton of great resources here! I'm printing and laminating as I type:) Your wreath turned out great:) I was doing the same things earlier:) Added some live greens to a fake wreath:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Thaaaaank you for the shout out! We are following you! We can't wait to get to know you! Thanks again!!

    Amanda and Stacia
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. Hello fellow WNYer! Thanks for the links and resources! I am planning a mini-unit on fables, folktales, legends etc and these resources are great! Thanks again!

    Fabulous and Fun 4th Graders

  4. Holly, it looks like you got loads of great stuff from TPT. I love your wreath. It is sparkling! I'm excited that you've posted dividers for the Danielson Model of Teacher Evaluation. My school is going to start using it. I have my first formal observation of the year this Thursday! Yikes!

    Elementary School Garden

  5. Hey girl!! How are you doing?? Looks like you have been very busy!! LOVE the freebies and activities you have laminated.. just wondering, where do you buy your laminating sheets? I need to buy more!! I usually get them from Sam's Club but I don't have a membership.. so I'll have to ask my mom or a friend :X Your wreath is beautiful!! Miss u!!

  6. What some great resources from TpT! Thanks for sharing. Your wreath is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

    Teaching Fourth

  7. Hi Sweet Holly:

    I am sending you a BloggyHug on this difficult day.

    If you haven't heard about the Day of Silence for Sandy Hook, please go to Farley's blog and read about the plans...


    Finding JOY in 6th Grade