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Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday Flashback (total randomness!)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Amanda from Teaching Maddeness to share some tidbits of my week.  I had a crazy week with ONLY two full days total in the classroom, so keep reading if you don't mind the unrelated to teaching stuff:) 

1.  Daughter's Surgery
My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Thursday!  I took family sick days Thursday and Friday.  She was such a brave girl!  I was shocked by how well she did.  My husband and I were fighting back tears as she was wheeled away on that bed with the rails up:(  But, all went well except one little problem with nausea after the surgery.  She vomited 3x and they had to give her some meds in her IV which worked well.  
Today, she had a great day and has been taking in fluids like a champ!
These are some of her favorite popsicles!
 Here she is resting on the couch today:)

2.  Yummy French Toast Bake
I baked some yummy french toast bake for a staff appreciation breakfast at my daughter's school.  I used this Paula Deen recipe but accidentally cut the bread into squares instead of slices.  I'm sure it was still delicious.  How could it not be with 2 cups of cream and 8 eggs!?!
Of course, I sent some maple syrup from my uncle's farm with the dish!

3. Sad these are gone:(

Yep, I am a total sweets fanatic.  So, of course my hubbie gave me some delicious chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day!  They lasted quite a few days (believe it or not!) and now I wish I had more.  It was the first time he ordered from Shari's Berries and they were the best I've ever had!!!

4. Sub Plans Galore
So, I was out Thursday and Friday with my daughter.  Well, Tuesday I had IST (Instructional Support Team) meetings all afternoon and Monday I had a doctor appointment in the afternoon!  The doctor appt. was scheduled months ago so I just went with it.  Maybe it is better to be out all at once! Haha!!  One awesome part about this was that I had the SAME sub all the time I was out and she is an amazing, retired teacher!  She lives right around the corner from me and even dropped off papers yesterday all graded so I could record them in my book!  Amazing...

5. ABC's Calendar Countdown!
We started the ABC's calendar countdown for the last 26 days of school on Monday!  Yay!!  I LOVE this idea from the amazing Amanda and Stacia at Collaboration Cuties!  Check out their blog post for an editable copy to use for next year (unless you wanted to start a little late because I can't imagine many schools have 26 days or more left of school!).  

 Have a great weekend everyone!!  Three of my students are in a county wide spelling bee tomorrow!  I can't wait to see them and am keeping my fingers crossed:)


  1. How did you ever make them last a few days! I am addicted to chocolate at the moment, add some strawberries to the mix and I would have eaten them up!

    I hope your daughter is feeling better!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. You are killing me with all the awesome food! ;) Your french toast bake looks fabulous. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I agree with Brandee. That's one recipe I must keep out of my files because I will eat the whole thing! I'm gonna go get myself a popsicle though. I have the tastebuds of a child, and although I have eyed those before, I was afraid to try them. Now that I know they're kid-approved, I'll try them out! haha

  4. So glad your daughter's surgery went well! Those strawberries look amazing!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. Ohh that French toast bake looks AWESOME! And, as a Candadian, I approve 100% of your pure maple syrup. Aunt Jemima is a curse word in my family :)

    Glad your daughter is doing well - she looks like quite a trooper!

    Your sub sounds wonderful - I'm going to be out on Monday due to my hubby's graduation - can you send her my way? :)

    Happy Weekend!
    Joy in the Journey

  6. Awww your brave, sweet girl!!! XOXO She is so cute... and I didn't used to love sweets (I was more like breads and pasta) but now that I have been "trying" to cut down... I GO FOR SWEETS. Whoops!
    When's the last day of school for you? Just curious because we are both in NY :) Mine is the 20th (half day)... I guess this past week was our last full week of school! I am excited but I am not ready to start working hard during the nice weather during summer :( I am content with school still finishing up.. I love my kids!!

  7. Good luck to your amazing students! I am cheering them on!


  8. Your daughter is a champ! My daughter was 16 when she had her tonsils out. When they wheeled her back in after the surgery and she was still medicated VERY heavily, she looked at me and said, "Mama, I miss you!". Well, that started it. Yep the tears, and I freaked out. The nurse laughed and said the pain meds affect all teenage girls in this way. NOW I wish I STILL had some of those pain meds to give her-she's 19. :)


  9. Oh my goodness... You don't get out for quite a while still, bless your heart!! I thought the fact that I have 12 days left was rough.... now I'm not feeling bad for myself anymore!! I hope your little miss gets to feeling better quickly!! :)

    Surviving the Little People

  10. So glad your daughter is doing well! What a trooper :) I can't believe you have so many days of school left?! We have 14 and I thought that was a lot!! I'll be thinking about you lots and sending lots of positive thoughts your way :)


  11. I missed this post in all the craziness this week! Glad your daughter is doing so well!! I had a lot of nausea after my surgeries too- something about the anesthesia. My mom is the same way!
    ideas by jivey

  12. Your daughter is adorable!! I will still send prayers her way. That french toast looks SO yummy! I'm impressed. Where did you get your foam dice that you use in math?

    Crofts' Classroom