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Monday, May 13, 2013

May Monday Made-It and Winners:)

Yay for Monday Made-It with the absolutely amazing Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!
There are many items that can fit the "Made It" theme this month!
I always blog about some recent finds on TPT that I downloaded, printed, cut out, and laminated.  That totally counts, right?  These were a couple weeks ago.  I don't have my teacher appreciation sales items all printed and laminated yet!
It is a great way for my intervention students to review multiplication facts in a flash with "cool" cellphone graphics:)

 Here are students working together to make their own version of the game.  
They decided to race each other to see who could finish first!
 A pair of students tallying their scores to see who had the most correct in the time limit:
I also downloaded, printed, and laminated this FREE Island Conquer Area & Perimeter math center.  It is a great way to review perimeter and area by Laura Candler.
(sorry, I couldn't get the pic to rotate)

Next, I worked on a home CAMP project for many hours!  We are so excited to have our first season this year at a site with the used camper we purchased last fall:)  The site came with a large deck (YAY!) but it wasn't in the best condition.  I could barely stand it!  
Can you see the chicken wire stapled around the rail?
AFTER!  We MADE IT much more beautiful so that we can really enjoy spending time 
being lazy relaxing here.  That is me rolling at the end:)  We still have to finish part of the rail.
Picnic table BEFORE:
 Picnic table made beautiful! (Behr semi-transparent stain in sable color)

UPDATE!  After reading Jessica's post from Joy in the Journey, I remembered my little scrapbooking retreat from April!  I haven't scrapped in many months and it was a great overnight getaway!
Here is the little room at a local Christian camp for my roomie and I:
It was a cold weekend and even snowed!  That was fine with me because I was nice and room scrapping all day:)
 Here are a few of the pages I made!
I work much slower than my friends.  They always make fun of me!
ugh...iPhoto and Blogger don't always see eye to eye!

It has been months since I have added anything to TPT.  I FINALLY finished some math fraction centers that I have been working on for what seems like forever!  These two math centers are a fun way for students to practice multiplying fractions by whole numbers.  This was an important skill for 4th grade math this year aligned to the CCSS!
Don't you just love the cute monster graphics and backgrounds by Scrappin Doodles?
The adorable letters are a recent purchase from Little Red Schoolhouse!

Since it has been so long since I have posted a new product, I would like to give away TWO sets!!  Check back at Tried It Tuesday tomorrow for details!

Oh, and I finally made a facebook page for Fourth Grade Flipper!  
Wow...I hope I can keep up with all of this:)

Now, for the winners of my 500 Follower Giveaway!!  
There are FOUR winners, each winning an amazing array of prizes.  
The winners are:
Rafflecopter #1
Rafflecopter #2

Rafflecopter #3

Rafflecopter #4

Yay!! Congratulations to the winners!  You should be getting many emails soon:)
Thank you again to everyone who helped out with this giveaway!  You guys are amazing.


  1. You are so sweet to feature me! Thank you so much Holly. I'm glad your students had fun with the Multiplication cards and what a neat idea they had to turn it into a game by racing each each other with a time limit!

    Hopkins' Hoppin' Happenings

  2. Look at that deck and picnic table! Impressive! Your new product looks fantastic Holly!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I just have to have those new fraction games....Already put them in my cart at TPT. I may even use them this year for end of year games. They look awesome!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Wow! You have made a lot of things! I have made nothing. :O)
    I love that you have a deck to pull your camper up to! That is super nice! We only pull up to gravel usually, which is such a pain in the jane with the gravel being tracked inside...and the boys throwing it and digging it up! I can't believe y'all made that deck! Awesome!! And I can't wait to use those fraction games! Wohoo!

    The scrapbooking is adorable! I so wish I could keep up with all of that. I got as far as my daughter's first year. She's 8. Bad mom!! Keep up the good work!!

    Love ya,
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I am REALLY hoping to learn how to make some cute things this summer on the computer. "Hoping." :)

    The deck looks fabulous! What did you say the address was????? :)


  6. What AWESOME scrapbook pages! I'm glad I reminded you to include them - they look great! I am jealous of your little scrapbooking getaway - sounds like an awesome time to bond and produce! :)

    Joy in the Journey