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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tried It Tuesday {Ideas for Poetry Month}

I can hardly believe that next week is APRIL! Holy Moly!! It was still snowing like crazy this weekend in New York. The ground is covered in snow and it seriously looks like January. I am really wishing for warmer temperatures to stick right now. Last week was crazy busy as we are in countdown mode with the ELA state tests next week and our teacher APPR binders due this week. I also still need my unannounced observation still, so I keep wondering when that will be coming.
Since it's Tuesday, you know what that means!
It's Time for Tried It Tuesday! 
What have you tried at school or home?
My Tried It:
Poetry Resources
April is officially poetry month! I teach a poetry unit earlier in the year since our "big test" is at the beginning of April. You can read more about how I use poetry in my ELA instruction here, here, and here. For today's tried it, I am sharing a new figurative language center game that I picked up from the amazing Amelia at Where the Wild Things Learn.
I love the bright colors of this pack and how the theme is "Splash Into Summer!" Many of you are enjoying warm temperature by now, I'm sure and nearing the last two months of the school year. Here in New York, it still feels like winter but I know warmer temperatures are just around the corner! I laminated the game cards, figurative language poster, answer key, and two game boards for a center folder. There are two choices of spinners or you can use a game board with directions for using a die.

My students loved playing this review game with figurative language terms! It was a great activity to revisit a concept that needed reviewing.

This figurative language game is just one of eleven instant downloads as an Educents deal right now! Wow! Just in time for poetry month! I just recently blogged about how I use another product included in this bundle (Head Over Heels for Teaching's figurative language bulletin board set) here

All eleven downloads are only $10.99 for a limited time (this is about 75% off!!). Click on the picture below and take advantage of an even better deal if you are a first time buyer at Educents!
Tomorrow, don't forget to check out Ideas by Jivey for more ideas on teaching poetry writing for Workshop Wednesday! I will be linking up more ideas here too!
Check out these other blog posts for more great ideas on products included in this poetry bundle!


  1. I'm right there with you about the warmer temps! We got an inch of snow last night here in Wisconsin -- but it is supposed to be 60 on Sunday. My break is next week. I'm hoping that it at least stays above 40. :) Good luck with your "unannounced observation." That can be stressful wondering when it will come, but I'm sure that you have nothing to worry about. You are amazing!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I guess I shouldn't tell you that it is sunshiny here in FL. If it makes you feel better it is chilly this morning. Only 58 degrees. It's not supposed to get higher than 65. I know...I know...it's still not snow. I need to go pick up this Poetry unit for sure! I have been seeing it, but it's great to see it in use! I'm ready to splash into summer! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I'm with Alison.. it's nice and sunny here, but still chilly! At least when we're dying down here in Florida from heat exhaustion, you won't be as hot? Silver lining? :)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  4. Nor'easter on the way...check! I just bought this poetry packet on Educents and I love it! I am so excited for poetry month!

  5. I love Amelia's pack-I got it too! We have such creative friends! Your students look like they're having a great time! And, you definitely need some summer! :) Thanks for the shout out BBB! xoxo
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  6. I can't believe that I am excited for above freezing temperatures that are headed our way this weekend - considering the mounds of snow we still have I think we are having a white Easter. I love the look of this - we are loving figurative language right now and I think my kiddos would love to review in a game!

  7. Sssshhhh--just be quiet and not use the word "winter"--then it will just forget about us and go away. :)
    Just curious, but what part of figurative language do the kids enjoy/dislike the most? And do they realize how much of our own day-to-day language is based on figurative language? Good luck on your state testing!