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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Miss This Second Chance!

Did you hear that TpT is having another Back To School Sale for ONE day only? The big day is August 20th! I was excited about this because here in NY, we start school after Labor Day. At the beginning of August for the first sale, I wasn't quite ready to purchase everything I knew I might need because I was in the middle of summer mode! Do you know when I checked my cart out? About two minutes before the sale ended! Haha!! So, some bloggers are sharing what they purchased last time and what is in their cart for the upcoming sale. I will be adding thing I missed for sure!

One item on my wish list is this 4th Grade Common Core Spiral Math Review by I {Heart} Recess! I will be teaching math next year and have been looking for items to use throughout the year that are aligned to the CCSS. These are perfect one page spiral review worksheets for homework, quizzes, or morning work!
One item I bought with the last sale is Fun In Room 4B's Math Moves! There are 4 questions of Daily work each day and an assessment for each that covers all the CCSS. This will be a great supplement to my curriculum as well!
One must have item from my store is my Fables Text Dependent Questions with Claims and Project Writing Guide. I won't be teaching ELA next year but this is the type of resource I created to help my students with the "big" test and claims supported by text details.
I included multiple choice practice questions modeled after the questions being asked on the state test aligned to the CCSS. There are also short response questions and an extended response question (all complete with answer keys). The short response questions have a graphic organizer to set up the claim and two supporting text details.
There are also resources in this pack to guide your students in writing their own fable with a moral. Student outline and rubrics are included as well as sample pictures of fables my students wrote and their illustrations. Check it out here! It will be a steal with the sale at 28% off!
I am working on more products like this one as well and also have this nonfiction piece about snow with claims and text details and this Christmas freebie!

Check out what these other bloggers are buying or have bought with the back to school sales!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out for my Math Moves. I'm so glad you like it!!

  2. I love love love Elizabeth's Math Moves! You will too! :o)