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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Five for Fraturday...Guess Who I Met?!

Happy weekend!! I am in crunch time for school starting in two weeks!
Linking up Five for Fraturday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Here are some random "summer" happenings from my week!

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to meet one of my BBB's, Jessica, from I {Heart} Recess!! Wahoo!
We met at Bob Evans for lunch and talked for almost three hours and probably could have talked another three! It's crazy how she grew up right by my college town (which is only 40 minutes from where I grew up!). We also both worked at McDonald's in my college town at the same time...what a coincidence! I felt like I had known her forever and we were two old friends meeting for lunch. LOVE! :)

We had our family reunion two weeks ago but I wanted to share some fun pictures with games (you might be able to use in your classroom!).
This is the sawdust hunt (probably not great for the classroom) but we've been doing this for years. Throw candy and coins in the sawdust and let them go to town! I remember being about 17 and my cousins and I still loved this game! Our reunion has about 70 family members in attendance and there are so many kids that they have to do the hunt in "shifts". There were four girls and one boy born the year of my daughter's birth and four boys and one girl born the year of my son's birth! Fun!
 Cookie in mouth using only facial muscles minute to win it! Start with the cookie on your forehead. This is hysterical to watch and he got it in his mouth on the last second!
 This was a slinky on a headband that they had to try and get sitting on top of their head stacked neatly. The boy closest in the picture got this one at the last second too and it was hysterical to watch them bob their heads all around! Haha!
 This is using a straw to move Smarties from one plate to the other. Suck through the straw.
This is a potato where they put straws in the potato and balance skittles on the end of the straws.
This is using chopsticks to move beans into the container.
 Here is a cute salamander found in the creek!
 Hanging out in the pond at the reunion!

I did the Color Run last Saturday with some of my kickboxing friends. It was a blast!

The teacher that retired on my team gave me this awesome organizer with bins. My room is clean and the floors are waxed so I can get in next week to start organizing! I am going to give this a makeover with bins and nice labels. I can't wait! 
It is filled with math manipulatives and I am teaching MATH next year instead of ELA! We are still departmentalizing with three 80 minute blocks but our new team member, Emily from Style Closet to Classroom, will teach ELA because she loves it and has a strong background in ELA. Math is really my first love but I will miss ELA. I've already met with Emily and given her anything from my files that she wanted. As much as I will miss my old teammate, I LOVE Emily already. She was special ed before in our district and now will be general education on the 4th grade team...Yay!
Summer activities are drawing to a close for my kids. 
Here is Lilly at her end of the season swim show doing the back stroke (middle of the picture). 
She takes after me and loves the water!
 The kids also had their second week of karate camp this past week. My four year old will still nap, so karate camp from 10-3 everyday cut into nap time. Here are two pictures of what he would do after camp each day. He's my baby! He will start PreK in two weeks and had to be in the afternoon PreK from 12-3 because he is going to my school just for PreK and we live out of the district. I am SO nervous about him missing his nap everyday and how tired he will be. :( My daughter went to morning PreK when she was four and was able to take a nap in the afternoon but since then they have cut morning PreK to one section. Long story short, it is not ideal for my early risers to do afternoon PreK. Hopefully, I can get him up in the morning! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!! 


  1. You are really ending the summer on a high note. My oldest daughter did afternoon pre-k and I hate to tell you it was not pretty. She went to her babysitters in the morning - played and had fun all morning - went to pre-k - then when I picked her up she fell asleep on the car ride home or as soon as we got home and slept till about 3 a.m. - then would wake up!!!! It was a bad cycle. But somehow we made it through those 10 months (she is only slightly damaged from it still : ) ). Enjoy setting up your room and this lovely summer weather ; )

  2. I love your Family Reunion game activities! I am going to borrow some of those to use as team builders in my classes. Thanks for sharing!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. I love family reunions! Yours looked like so much fun! Can't wait to see what you do to transform those cute math bins! My summer has ended and students report to school on Monday. I can't complain though. I've had a fantastic summer and I'm very excited for the new school year!