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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Revolutionary War Recruitment Poster Project (Joy in the Journey!)

The wonderful Jessica from Joy in the Journey has a great voluntary product swap! Her TPT store has so many amazing products (95!!) and I jumped at the chance to do a swap with her!!
See her cute button below?  Contact Jessica if you are interested in a product swap:)

Joy in the Journey
I chose something for the American Revolution (since we are STILL working on it:) and I knew her Recruitment Poster project would be perfect for coming off of spring break and going into testing weeks.  Boy, was I right!  Getting into pairs and working on these posters was just what my class needed after three days and 210 minutes of ELA state tests aligned to the Common Core!

This pack comes with recruitment poster project directions for:
American Revolution
Civil War

I used the American Revolution handout:
There is also a planning page organizer for each poster project: 
I love this handout on persuasive techniques that comes with the pack.  
It is so easy to follow and age appropriate for 4th graders! 
Here are the students in the planning stage with the organizer that comes with the pack:

Here are some of the finished products!  They wrote a small two sentence explanation about how their poster is persuasive and what technique they used.  I love that my class was split just about 50/50 on whether their poster was pro Loyalist or pro Patriot! (I like to think that is because we learned the point of view of both sides so well:)

The Recruitment poster project pack is only $2.00!!  Wow!  The students absolutely loved it and I have added this to my "must do" list for lessons on the American Revolution!  
Thank you, Jessica!


  1. These turned out to be fantastic posters! Your students did an excellent job with them. I've already got this on my wishlist for next year...looks like something my kiddos would love. Thanks for sharing!

    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  2. I love the posters your kids made...great job to them! I am going to have to head over and make a purchase, as we too are still working on the Revolutionary War. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Holly! Thanks for such an awesome review - your kiddos did a fabulous job on the recruitment posters! I'm so glad they enjoyed it :)

    I reviewed your FABULOUS fraction centers - check it out!

    Joy in the Journey

  4. How cute and fun! I agree, the perfect thing for after testing!! How cute! Thanks for the review!

    Collaboration Cuties

  5. Your kids' projects turned out great! They make me really miss teaching the American Revolution!

  6. Love how great the posters turned out!