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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School Blogger Exchange and Teacher's Notebook Sale!!

I was so excited to take part in a "Back to School Blogger Exchange" hosted by Adventures of Ms. Smith and Covered in Glitter and Glue this past month!  
I was paired up with an amazing fourth grade blogger, Bethany, at Fab and Fun in 4th!
She sent her package pretty early since she was going on vacation and I was so surprised when I got it!  This is what I saw when I opened my box:
Everything was wrapped in colored tissue paper!!  It was like Christmas! :)
First, I opened the super sweet note from Bethany:)
 She is so creative and wrote an inspirational quote on the first post-it note of each stack!
 I love the owl stickers (they match my room!), the smash quotes are right up my alley since I scrapbook, and the post-it flags were on my to-buy list!  
 I can't wait to use these pens and how fun are the bright colors of these clips in a little jar?
 A purple binder and fabulous owl folder! Yay!!
 And...a little inspirational reading from Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Oh, there are days I can use this!
Thank you so much, Bethany!!

Have you heard about the Teacher's Notebook Product Bundles for sale now through August 18th?  Each bundle includes about $100 in teacher products geared toward a grade range for only about $20!

I have a product included in Bundles #22 and #25!  

In honor of the Teacher's Notebook Bundles for sale, I also have ALL items in my TN shop on sale at 30% off until August 18th!

Have a great finish to the weekend everyone!  


  1. You got some good stuff! I am eagerly awaiting my bundle. My partner has received hers, but it could take awhile for the shipment to get here.
    I love this Teacher's Notebook bundle sale. Thank you for sharing!!!
    The Teacher Next Door

  2. Wow! You got some great goodies!

    Thanks for participating and for linking up! =)
    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith